The Deeds of Philip Augustus

An English Translation of Rigord's "Gesta Philippi Augusti"

by Rigord
Contributors: Larry F. FieldM. Cecilia GaposchkinSean L. Field

The first full English translation of Rigord's Gesta Philippi Augusti, The Deeds of Philip Augustus makes available to Anglophone readers the most important narrative account of the reign of King Philip II of France (r. 1180–1223), a critical source about this pivotal figure in the development of the medieval French monarchy and an intriguing window into many aspects of the broader twelfth century.

Rigord wrote his chronicle in Latin, covering the first two-thirds of Philip II's reign, including such events as Philip's fateful expulsion of the Jews in 1182, his departure on the Third Crusade in 1190, his governmental innovations, and his victory over King John of England. As Philip II transformed French royal power, Rigord transformed contemporary writing about the nature of that power. Presented in a lively and readable translation framed by an introduction that contextualizes the text and accompanied by annotations, maps, and illustrations, The Deeds of Philip Augustus makes one of the most important documents of twelfth-century France available to a wide new readership.

Larry F. Field is Professor Emeritus of Criminal Justice at Western New England University and the translator of several books, including The Sanctity of Louis IX. M. Cecilia Gaposchkin is Professor and Chair of History at Dartmouth College and the author of several books, including Invisible Weapons. Sean L. Field is Professor of History at the University of Vermont and the author of several books, including Courting Sanctity.


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The Deeds of Philip Augustus