4.3.3 Performance score for “Entre.l Taur e.l Doble Signe” (contrafact, disputed attribution

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"Entre.l Taur e.l Doble Signe"
Contrafact, melody from Bertran de Born’s “Rassa tan creis” (Troubadour R, F-Pn fr. 22543, 6v)
via the Monge de Montaudan’s “Mot m’enveya” (Troubadour R, F-Pn fr. 22543, 40r)

Text attributed variously to Raimon Vidal (1196-1252) and Arnaut Daniel (fl. 1180-1200), PC 411.3
Text edited by Poe, “A Fiery Arrow,” 115-118, translation by Sarah Kay
Melody attributed to Bertran de Born (fl. 1175-1200), music transcribed by Christopher Preston Thompson